In Stress Talk, apart from offering psychological support through therapy sessions, I usually collaborate with companies to create live or recorded content. 

In April 2022 I had the chance to begin a beautiful collaboration with Teale and their wonderful team. Inside a cute Parisian apartment, we recorded not 1, not 2 but 7 episodes for a series about Toxic Relationships. The videos can be found in the teale app which is used by employers to offer therapy and mental health support to their employees. 

In this video we explore:

  • Signs of a toxic relationship: are you involved in one? 
  • Types of a toxic relationship: it is not only about the romance
  • Ways to improve a toxic relationship: is communication enough? 
  • How to recover from a toxic relationship that just ended: what is your #selfcare?

Relationships can be complicated and people usually come to therapy to explore how their personality is reflected in their relationships. Understanding more about the relationships you form means that you get a step closer to understand more about yourself. And this is a big part of happiness and satisfaction in life. 

As a Psychologist, I felt very inspired by the fact that today we can use a lot of online tools to spread the word about mental health and educate people on ways to promote it. This is a great -and affordable- way for people to get help and learn more about all aspects of health. 

The video on this blog post is a teaser I edited by taking a lot of different parts from most of the episodes in the series. I am planning on posting more videos from the series during the next few weeks. So stay tuned! 

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