About Stress Talk

Stress Talk is a mental health practice focused on expats. Through Stress Talk I get the chance to offer psychological support to people from all around the world, either online or in person.

Theodora is the lead psychologist of stress talk

Let me Introduce

My entire career revolved around one goal:

My aspiration to become a Psychologist began at a very early age. I always remember having this strong urge to help people understand their needs better and to see them grow.

I started studying Psychology with one goal in mind: to help people as much as possible with their mental health, well-being and personal issues. Seeing other people's situation through an empathetic lense has always been part of my mentality not only as a professional but as a human too.

This is why an integral part of my practice is to create a safe space for everyone to share their problems and feel heard.

Theodora Seliniotaki – Founder

I studied Psychology for 6+ years and then I started working with children, adolescents and adults in various settings. I have experience with a wide range of psycholpathology and mental health struggles. Since I moved in the Netherlands I am teaching Psychology and I have my own online practice.

Journey of my career path

My timeline

I love advocating the importance of mental health in various settings. Therefore, apart from my very own online practice, Stress Talk, I also teach Psychology to international students at an academic setting and I collaborate with mental health companies to offer individual sessions to employees, to do workshops about mental health in work settings and to shoot educational videos about well-being and relationships.

2010-2018: The beginning

During this time, I completed my 4 year bachelor degree in Psychology in University of Crete and in 2018 I graduated from a 2 years masters in Health Psychology: Stress Management and Health promotion from the Medical School of Athens. During my studies I also participated in internship programs starting to get experience in mental healthcare.

2018-2020: Working with adolescents and adults

During this time I worked as a Psychologist of children and adolescents with a history of abuse and other adverse life events at a welfare institute in Greece. At the same time, I was offering voluntary services to the adult psychiatric patients of a university hospital through group sessions helping them to rehabilitate.

2020-present: moving to the Netherlands

During the very first year of the pandemic, I moved to the Netherlands where I started teaching and mentoring first year students at a Dutch university. I also completed my trainings in Cognitive-Behavioral therapy and EMDR. After my first year in the Netherlands, I opened my practice, Stress Talk and since then I work with adults helping them to achieve their goals and become a better version of themselves. I also collaborate with companies which offer mental health services in the workplace through 1-2-1 sessions, workshops, webinars and pre-recorded material.

Theodora is a PSYCHOLOOG NIPĀ® , a title provided by the Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP) proving that she has adequate training and experience to offer high quality mental health services.

Theodora is also a member of EMDR Hellas, the Greek organisation for EMDR therapy which is accredited by the corresponding European organisation of EMDR, EMDR-Europe. This membership proves that Theodora has adequate training to offer EMDR in her practice.

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