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A wide range of support for people facing distress and mental health struggles.

From individual sessions to company workshops, webinars and recorded material, Stress Talk offers a wide range of services covering a broad spectrum of needs.

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Individual Sessions

Individual sessions

Life is great but life can also be hard sometimes. Major life events, loss of a loved one, relationship problems, health issues and loneliness are only a few of the factors that can impact your mental health. I offer online individual sessions to adults. In person sessions are also possible upon request. Sessions can be done either in English or Greek.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops & Seminars

Psychoeducation is a key component of any intervention focusing on mental health and well-being. Our work takes over a big part of our daily life leading to work-related stress, anxiety and sometimes burnout. Through Stress Talk, I offer workshops, seminars, webinars, recorded material and other educational projects tailored to the needs of today’s workplace. My goal is for employees to feel more empowered to improve their well-being and face challenges affecting their mental health.

Business Interventions

Business Interventions

Employee well-being is a big concern today especially with phenomena like Quiet Quitting affecting mental health, performance and work engagement on a daily basis. Are you an employer willing to discuss an intervention tailored to your company’s needs? Please feel free to contact me here for a first appointment.

15min online intro appointment


Let’s meet first!

It is very important to feel comfortable with your therapist. In this meeting you can ask any questions you have,  share what you expect from therapy and see if we are a good match. You can request it in the booking form at the end of this page.



Duration: 50 minutes

Discounted session


A discounted session if you are a student or in unemployment.

Workshops, seminars and business interventions

contact for pricing

Every organisation is different and every team of employees unique. If you are interested for a workshop, seminar or another type of business intervention either online or on site, you can contact me directly to arrange a first meeting. This way we can agree on services that can meet your organisation’s needs.

Please note:

Some health insurance companies cover the expenses of therapy sessions in private practice. Please keep in mind that it is the client’s responsibility to contact the health insurance company and ask if the aforementioned services are covered within their contract.


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