• How can therapy help me?

Therapy helps you understand more about your situation and learn ways to deal with difficult emotions that are sometimes in the way of your daily activities. The goal of therapy is to empower you in dealing with life struggles affecting you and your relationships and to boost your confidence.


  • When should I start therapy?

There is no specific answer on when to start therapy. People usually start therapy when they feel that they need support by an impartial and trained professional to help them navigate a difficult period in their life. If you are considering starting therapy, you can request for a free 15 minute online call to talk about your requests and get information on how therapy can help you. You can request this appointment here.


  • How often should I attend therapy? 

Sessions are usually weekly or biweekly. After some time, clients might feel more empowered and will need therapy less frequently e.g. once a month. However, each client has different needs and urgency in discussing personal affairs. The best way is to discuss with your therapist and take into account multiple factors like intensity of your request for therapy, availability, financial resources etc. 


  • What therapeutic approach is appropriate for me?

There is not one approach in therapy that is appropriate for every person. Each client has different needs and different approaches and techniques can help them self-reflect and grow. 
In Stress Talk, stress management, counselling, cognitive-behavioural therapy and EMDR are used either individually or in combination to help the client as much as possible. 
You can read more about each approach by clicking on the following links: 
Stress management
Cognitive-Behavioural therapy (CBT)


  • How does online therapy work? 

After agreeing to start therapy in Stress Talk, I will send you a link via Google Meet. By clicking on the link (which will also appear on your calendar if you use gmail), you can connect to our online session. If this method does not work, alternative online methods are also available. 


  • Is everything I say confidential during a therapy session? 

The therapeutic process is bound by ethical and legal regulations that protect your personal data. Therapy by nature creates a safe and confidential environment so as to feel comfortable sharing without the fear of being judged. You can read more about privacy on Stress Talk’s Privacy Statement.


  • Can I ask for my insurance to cover my therapy expenses? 

This depends on the insurance package you have. Please note that it is in the responsibility of the client to contact their insurance company and ask if therapy expenses are covered. 


  • What if I don’t want to continue therapy? 

In case you would like to stop therapy, it is important to discuss it with your therapist and come up with a plan on how to proceed, either this is completing your therapy cycle then or referring to another therapist. 
It is important to understand that as a client you do not have to provide an explanation why you would like to stop as it is your ultimate right to choose what kind of care is appropriate for you. However, it is also important to make sure you cancel any future appointments so as to allow room on my schedule for other clients that are in need of my help and support.